Do it Yourself Wind Power – Learn How to Make a Simple Windmill to Generate Energy

It is sad that we are suffering from this so-called energy crisis when we have all this free alternative energy around us. One of the free sources of energy is call wind, surprised huh, wind can easily be harnessed with windmills and do it yourself wind power generators. Wind power is a renewable energy source that will be around forever, and does not give off any toxins when making energy unlike Fossil Fuels. Being renewable means that we can harvest the wind all day and night for as long as we live, it will never run out. No matter how many windmills that you have build around your home, you alone will never stop the wind from generating energy.

With creating a windmill you could save thousands of dollars every month off your electric bill. You will be able to get off the electric power grid that just by making your own windmills. What would you be able to do if you save just 200 dollars a month from your power bills? The other great thing is, if you are saving money from one windmill you could easily make more and save more.

I'm going to tell you the different types of wind power systems so you can get a better understanding.

  • Large : These are commercial grade windmill that you see on the wind farms.
  • Medium : Simply a smaller than the commercial grade but not with the best parts.
  • Small : These are Fan Blades.

This is one of the most important things you should know if you plan on making a windmill to power your house.

When you have a fan blade system that is installed on the top of a tower or even you house roof, the blades spin to make kinetic energy, then the generator covers it into electricity to use for anything you want. The fan blades are connected to a shaft that is then connected to a wind power generator. If the blades of the windmill are not spinning fast enough no electricity will be generated. There may be times when the speeds of the wind increase so much that your windmill may break by spinning so fast. But do not worry; the windmill has brakes the automatically slow down the windmill if speeds are too fast.

Source by James Clarence

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