How Hydrogen Generators For Cars Will Improve Your Mileage

Many people spend hundreds of dollars every week in gas. The US addiction of foreign oil is really a national security hazard. Here we are going to talk about a new technology, based on water, to significantly increase the mileage.

Water is more potent than gasoline. This seems not to be true, but the reality is the following: due to Hydrogen, from water can ge created a gas called. HHO. This gas is 3 times more potent than gas. Also, we must tell you that the use of HHO as fuel, is a growing trend to boost the performance and mileage of your car or truck.

There are some outstanding features about this new technology. First, the people who created this technology used an old pantent. They created a simple device. This device is easy to install and maintain. If works in both old and new vehicles.The process to generate energy from water is very simple. The device improves the energy generated by the engine or better said, uses the energy wasted by the engine in form of heat, vibration and pollution.

Many of us might be concerned about the safety of this revolutionary device used to create Hydrogen on demand. This technology is safe because you will not storage the Hydrogen in any tank. Also there are no engine modifications. Many people might expect variations in the mileage performance because different engines produce different results.

You will not have to take care of this device, because when you fill the tank with water in the engine, this water is multiplied hundreds of times. You might drive 900 miles without touching this device. The secret to this performance is the following: plain water has compressed Hydrogen by itself, you just need to release it. You can double, even triple your mileage.

Source by Carmen Evans

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