Run Your Car on Hydrogen Gas With an HHO Conversion Kit

As gas prices continue to rise, people will continue to look for alternate sources of fuel to run their cars. Don’t let fuel costs continue to burn a hole in your wallet. Run your car on hydrogen with the help of an HHO Conversion Kit. Soon, we will all be driving some kind of Hydrogen Fuel Cars. Why not be the first one on your street to reap the benefits?

But what is a HHO Conversion Kit? Is it Safe? Where Can you buy them? These are all important questions. The answers are actually quite simple.

What is an HHO Conversion Kit:

Hydrogen gas, or HHO, is a flammable gas and can be used for fuel. When properly utilized, HHO can be used in your car to improve your gas mileage. HHO Conversion Kits are devices that when assembled and installed in your car, create a hydrogen generator that can be used to supplement typical gasoline fuel in your car. Hydrogen generators are an effective means to run your car on hydrogen. You’ll still need to get typical unleaded fuel from your neighborhood gas station, but you’ll cut the consumption of this fuel in half, if not more. HHO Conversion Kits are inexpensive to build and install. Even a novice handyman can do it. Hydrogen Conversion Kit manuals and/or ebooks tell you how to create a hydrogen generator from basic materials available at any hardware store.

How can you generate hydrogen gas from materials at a hardware store? Isn’t it more complicated? Not really. Hydrogen can be created by a chemical process called Electrolysis. Basically, you only need electricity and water. Your car battery can supply plenty of electricity, and water is just about free from the tap inside your home. You won’t need to create anything that sparks to burn the hydrogen gas. As hydrogen gas is created, it gets routed into the air intake of your car. From then on, your car’s engine does the rest with no additional changes to the parts of your car. That’s all you’ll need to run your car on hydrogen fuel. The unit is compact and it takes very little room under the hood of your car.

When you run your car on Hydrogen you’ll see many benefits:

– Improve your gas mileage up to 67%

– Reduce harmful CO2 emissions from your exhaust

– Smoother running engine

– Faster acceleration

– IRS tax benefits!

Is it safe?

When you run your car on hydrogen from a HHO generator, you face very little additional risk. Yes, you are creating a flammable gas, but this gas is sent directly into the engine. You car carries around a tank full of flammable gas all the time! The HHO generator creates the fuel on-demand, so there is no excess fuel to act as a hazard.

Where can you buy them?

Costs of the HHO Generator vary. Some ebooks say it can be built for $60, others for $150. At $60, to build an generator to run your car on hydrogen is equal to the cost of one tank of gas! That is an immediate return on your investment and time. If you are afraid of the manual labor to build the HHO generator, you can buy them for upwards of $5,000.

HHO Generators are an immediate solution to high gas prices. One can be built in just a few hours, and the savings begin immediately.

Source by Tim J Power

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