How To Keep Moss From Growing In Your RV Trailer Brake Lights

brake lights

Awhile back, I provided a tip on an easy way to check the operations of your brake lights. While recently checking the lights on my travel trailer via the method outlined, I discovered one side wasn’t working.

Popping the lens off, I discovered the inside of it had become a mini solarium hosting green plant life, compliments of the dust that had accumulated inside of it and the right amount of moisture, which probably entered the same way the dust must have.

brake lights
Moss growing inside our taillights. Photo by Dave Helgeson

Obviously, it was the right amount of soil, water, sunlight, and humidity, as moss or whatever it was seemed to be thriving despite the dry summer conditions.

Not surprisingly, the bulb and contact were a bit corroded, which I quickly corrected and had the brake light back in operation. Checking the other side revealed a similar greenhouse.

Rinsing out both taillight lenses had me ready to hit the road.  However, I have since wondered what to do to prevent a repeat. Searching the internet, you will find suggestions from using a thin layer of Vaseline around the edge of the lens to prevent entry of dust and water to sealing it with silicone or using glass tape.

Have you had a similar experience with your RV taillights? Have you found a way to prevent a reoccurrence? If so, please share.

Taking the greenhouse with you, just another adventure in RVing!

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