Why Is RV Living So Popular?

Why Is RV Living So Popular?

RV Living is a rapidly growing trend in the USA. “RV Unit Shipments” have seen year over year growth for the last nine years. In fact, the annual number of shipments has almost tripled since 2009.

But, why?!

RV camping isn’t a new idea. It’s been a “thing” since the 50s. However, the perfect storm has rocketed the popularity of RV Living into the zeitgeist of both America and worldwide!

Today (with no scientific study) I’m sharing a few theories about why I think RV living has exploded in popularity.


work campingThe Internet is to be blamed for everything in modern life – for better or worse – and RV living is no different. It allows nomads to earn income remotely, it makes researching the lifestyle super easy, and romanticized pictures of RV living abound!

In addition, the availability of semi-affordable cellular internet has made the internet easier than ever to access.

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The Housing Bubble of 2008 rocked investments and small businesses across America. Anytime the economy takes a downturn people must adapt.

Some folks were forced into the nomadic lifestyle as an affordable alternative. Some people lost faith in the system. And, others just had enough of the rat race.

I don’t think RV living is a direct result of the housing bubble, but I do think it was a key element in shifting the human mindset about the value of time, work, government and freedom.

RV Living with FriendsThis is an area I don’t know much about. I know there are a ton of retired Boomers in RV living, but I don’t know why they chose it.

Like all things, I’m sure the reasons are infinite. I think the housing bubble still comes into play here, but I also see high-rolling, motor-coach driving Boomers that seem to have huge retirement accounts.

There is no denying that the largest generation has a penchant for RVs!

We’d love to hear about the reasons why you think RV life is so popular these days! Fill us in with your wisdom 😍

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