Top RV Accessories For 2019

There are two things that make me want to spend money on a new RV product, and that is usefulness and versatility. There just isn’t room for items that don’t get used on a regular basis, and the more reasons to lug around an item, the better (hence why we’re in love with our Instant Pot!).

We shopped around for new RV essentials and found some really useful items that should be in every rig. These must-have items will give you extra space where you need it the most!

1. A stovetop cover for extra counter space

Some RV kitchens come with a stovetop cover, while others could use the extra space for meal prep. These hardwood covers fit over most 3 or 4-burner stoves and include a cutting mat to protect the finish. You can set them up in minutes by attaching their rubber feet to the grates.

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When you want to use the stove, the covers can be removed just as easily. They can also help silence annoying stovetop rattles during transit.

2. An extending shower rod

Most RV showers could use more elbow room. These handy rods by Stromberg Carlson can extend out to give you more space while showering and pushed back after you’re done.

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The extra space keeps the curtain from billowing in and sticking to you while you’re trying to lather up. The shower rods also work great for air-drying laundry.

3. Hidden storage keepers

Install one of these Anything Keepers under your kitchen cabinets or tables for your everyday items. This could be your phone, keys, medicine, glasses, or even important receipts. A lot of RVers have also used these bins as charging stations for phones or tablets.

They’ll keep the items out of sight and from getting lost or cluttering up your counter space. Installation is quick and easy using the included screws or double-sided adhesive.

4. A portable trash bag holder

Portable trash bag holders are a lighter alternative to garbage bins. The Trash-Ease holders can be set up inside or out on kitchen counters, picnic tables, and more.

No tools are needed to set up the holders. Just slip the holder and a bag on a table near you and you can clean up wherever you go.

5. Tissue box holder

During allergy season, having quick and easy access to a box of tissues is much needed. These Pop-A-Tissue holders will help clear up counter space by moving the tissue box to an open space on your RV wall or cabinets.

You can set them up to dispense sideways or downward. The dispenser can be installed using the included screws or double-sided tape.

6. A portable washer

If your RV is without the luxury of its own washer/dryer, you may want to consider investing in a portable washer like the Wonderwash. You’ll save time on laundry trips, not to mention loads of quarters. Plus, you’ll never have dirty laundry piling up until you can find a laundry room or laundromat.

These non-electric units are powered by a hand crank and use less water than regular machines. You can read more about the washers & accompanying dryers in our previous article on Do It Yourself RV.

7. A multipurpose shoe tray

A boot/shoe tray can be used for all sorts of things around the home and RV. You can use them to store dirty or wet shoes or even to prevent gas or oil spills on the carpet.

They could also be used as a paint tray or for an indoor garden. Pet owners can also use the trays to set down a litter box or pet food/water that spills often.

8. Shelf bins

These shelf tracks with sliding bins will help organize your pantry storage in less than 20 minutes. They provide easy access to small items (like gum, toothpicks, or salt/pepper) that you don’t want to lose in the cupboards.

The sliding bins can also hold small containers of aluminum foil, plastic bags, and plastic wrap. They’re available online for only about $5.

9. Stackable cabinet organizers

Shelf organizers can also make a big difference in your cabinets. Use them to organize anything from pantry items to your cups and plates.

When you’re moving to a new RV, they can easily be folded down and removed. The organizers are available in a two-pack on Amazon.

10. A screen door handle

RV screen doors are notoriously flimsy and expensive if damaged. This handle will give the screen door more stability and also gives you something sturdy to hold on to while making it down the steps.

The bars extend from about 21 to 28 inches. They come with a mounting template and all screws needed for installation.

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10 Best RV Accessories For Traveling Comfortably

In this age of technology and innovation, RV accessories are available by the billions. If you’d rather not rough it, this is what you’re looking for. These 10 luxury RV items will give you a world of comfort at your fingertips.

1. Memory foam mattress

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Hard bed? Squeaky springs? Although some RVs come equipped with comfortable mattresses, others definitely do not. Replace your worn-out mattress with a Cool Gel Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress by Classic Brands and give your rig an instant upgrade. Believe me, you’ll sleep better at night.

2. WiFi Booster

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At home, WiFi is a luxury that most of us take for granted, but it’s not quite as accessible on the road. Even RV parks that offer WiFi often have weak signals. With a WiFiRanger, you can reach and combine signals from almost anywhere, allowing you to stay connected wherever you go.

3. TV with swivel mount

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It’s great to get out and about in a non-tech environment, but there are days when it’s drizzling outside and you feel like staying in bed. Sometimes you just want to cuddle up and binge watch a season of your favorite show.

Give yourself that option with the Jensen 19″ LED TV attached to a Mount-It! Wall Mount, so you can view the screen from anywhere in your RV.

4. Portable satellite TV antenna


If you’re looking for a way to get cable on the road, then the Tailgater Portable Satellite TV Antenna is for you. You can set it up at each campsite or keep it permanently mounted to the roof of your RV. Enjoy the luxury of cable TV with just one convenient installation.

5. Key vault

luxuryAre you sick of losing your keys or locking yourself out of your RV? Check out the HitchSafe Key Vault, a combination lock key holder that fits inside the hitch receiver of your car or RV.

Place keys, credit cards, cash, or other valuable items inside, lock the vault and conceal it with a heavy-duty rubber cover. However, keep in mind that the vault can only be used if you are not towing a vehicle behind your car or motorhome. If your RV is not equipped with a hitch receiver, you can install one.

6. Storage for spices

RV organization can be hard, especially in the kitchen. Thanks to Bellemain Spice Gripper Clip Strips, it’s possible to keep your spices orderly and spill-proof. Mount the secure adhesive strips to a wall or the inside of a cabinet, and clip in small jars of varying shapes and sizes.

7. Fridge braces


The last thing you want while driving a Class A motorhome down the freeway is for a jug of milk to come hurtling out of the refrigerator and splatter against the windshield.

Camco RV Fridge Braces attach to the wire shelves of most RV refrigerators and prevent their contents from sliding around in a moving vehicle. Though they are one of the more practical RV accessories, they can prevent some serious messes.

8. Awning shade screen

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RV awnings give plenty of much-needed shade—but only if the sun is directly overhead. If not, you’re out of luck. However, with the Tentproinc RV Awning Sun Shade, you can turn your RV’s awning into a fully-shaded porch area. Relax, have a glass of lemonade, and enjoy some cool privacy.

9. ONEControl® Technology


Are you hoping to come back to a cool RV? Are you curious as to how full your tanks are? Did you forget whether or not you turned off the ceiling fan? Lippert’s ONEControl® system allows you to monitor it all from the smartphone in your pocket.

Check if your rig is level, extend the awning, and lock the doors from a distance. The system is not compatible with all RVs, but it is available for several 2018 models, including the Forest River Columbus, the Coachmen SportsCoach, and the Jayco Pinnacle.

10. Portable smokeless fire pit

accessoriesYou can never forget the aroma of a cozy campfire—especially when your RV and all your clothes smell like smoke. With the Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit, you can enjoy all the benefits of an outdoor fire pit minus the billowing smoke (it always seems to follow you, doesn’t it?) and the environmental damage caused by fire rings.

With its sleek stainless steel design and efficient burn system, you’ll get double the flame with half the firewood. Best of all, the lightweight, no-setup fire pit is portable, so you can bring it anywhere you go.

The camping life may not for everyone, but the RV life can be. With today’s portable gadgets and innovative RV accessories, you can bring the comforts of home with you wherever you go.

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