Awesome RV Gear You Need Now, from SEMA 2018

Each year serious off-road and RV camping geeks find nirvana at the The Sports Equipment and Manufacturing Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas. As the biggest show of its kind, this industry event showcases awesome new RV  gear specifically designed for everything from sports cars to campers.

Awesome RV gear
SEMA 2018 in Las Vegas attracts tens of thousands of vehicle enthusiasts.

The SEMA Show segment dedicated to off-road transportation and camping comforts spotlights the latest trends, like these three new products that make life easier in the outback.

New, Awesome RV Gear Must-Haves

The SEMA Show is a four-day festival of up-and-coming products making their way to the marketplace. Out of hundreds of great outdoor vehicle gear spotlighted, three stood out on the show floor.

The Dometic Portable Lithium Iron Battery PLB40

The RV appliance manufacturer Dometic is breaking into the portable power market with the new Dometic PLB40 Ah lithium Iron Phosphate battery. This lightweight power-on-the-go system is specifically designed for powered coolers but it can charge other 12-volt appliances too.

Straight out of the box you can charge it for five hours from the 12V cigarette lighter outlet in your car, your RV solar panels or a standard 120V AC wall outlet. When it’s ready, just pick it up and go and it will power your Dometic CFX40 cooler (or any other portable powered cooler) for a little over 40 hours on a single charge – five times longer than conventional lead acid batteries ever can.

As a portable power source it’s light years ahead of normal lithium ion batteries. For one, you can’t charge normal lithium ion batteries in your 12-volt power source. And it’s also more stable. The PLB40 also has a LCD panel readout that displays battery capacity, charging status and output, while an internal battery management system protects against overheating, low current, over current, reverse charge and other typical portable power dangers. If conditions go south, an audible alarm alerts you to the problem.

You’ve also got two USB ports to keep your portable devices charged. Be on the lookout for it in early 2019.

CUB North America Blind Spot Radar Detection

Awesome RV Gear
CUB RV Blind Spot Radar Detector

Trailers have blind spots in the back, which makes some RV trips terrifying, especially when changing lanes. A new kind of awesome RV gear for trailer owners is from the California-based company CUB North America. The company’s Nelson Truck Bed Transportation system gives more peace of mind while on the road.

The company’s two-part CUB system utilizes radar technology specifically designed and engineered for the towable market. The trailer-mounted component tells RV drivers the safest time to change lanes with an audible and visual alert from a dash-board mounted screen. The other component is mounted directly behind each rear corner of the trailer, which helps warn drivers about potential rear-end collisions. Neither are affected by rain, snow or other bad weather – making it a much better tool than a typical backup camera that may get knocked offline during rough conditions.

Anyone can install the weather tight, automotive grade warning system. It comes with a pair of 24 GHz radar modules to attach to the rear of the trailer, a removable electronic control module for inside the tow vehicle, integrated warning display readout, and all parts to install the gadget.

A new Cub website featuring this product will debut shortly. The product will be available to the public in early 2019.

Let’s Go Aero Gives Your Bikes a 3/4, Half or Full Nelson

Wrestling bicycles and other outdoor gear onto your tow vehicle is always a pain. Product designers from the Colorado-based gear management company Let’s Go Aero recently developed an end to the hassles of carrying your bikes with their new Nelson Truck Bed Transportation system. This awesome RV gear gives you a convenient way to carry your wheels on the bed of your pickup truck.

It’s a bike rack system perfect for RVers using a pickup truck as a tow vehicle or toad. The company’s proprietary VRack™ mounts give easy access to the bikes from inside the truck bed. A 360-degree rotating “SpinWing™” enables easy access to remove them from the unit. You can carry up to six bikes above your truck’s passenger bed side without blocking the bed’s interior capacity. As a bonus, the 4-point adjustable wheel grips and locking security system give peace of mind wherever you go.

Domestic and foreign pickup truck owners have an easier way to carry bicycles. Look for it in early 2019.

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