Gifts We’re Thankful For This Christmas: RVer Family Traditions

I was born into a family that was part of the fledgling travel trailer business. I grew up washing trailers, fixing trailers, ordering parts for trailers, managing different departments of my parents RV dealership and eventually, with my wife, owning an RV dealership of our own.

Three generations of RVers. All photos via author

While many wouldn’t consider washing RVs year-round (rain and cold) a gift, I wouldn’t have appreciated moving up in the world if I hadn’t started at the bottom.

As I reflect on that gift I am reminded of many other things that I am thankful for, and as I ponder them I realize they are also gifts I did little to earn or deserve. Let’s take a look.

1. The gift of RVing with my parents and siblings as a child.
2. The gift of a wonderful woman, that would become my wife, that also camped as a child. In fact, our honeymoon was spent traveling in a 27-foot Airstream trailer!
3. The gift of camping with my children as they grew up.
1985: My wife and daughter camping at our favorite state park
4. The gift of becoming empty nesters, allowing my wife and I to leisurely RV the desert Southwest.
5. The gift of freedom that RVing provides—going wherever, whenever together.
6. The gift of gab, allowing me to speak at RV shows and rallies sharing this great lifestyle. I was very shy as a child!
Author speaking at an RV show
7. The gift of introducing others to the joys of RVing.
8. The gift of living in a free country with hundreds of thousand acres of public land on which to recreate and camp.
Public land to camp on with friends
9. Given the gift to write for this website, other sites, and magazines where I can share the joy of RVing with others.
10. The gift of my son-in-law being able to join the RV industry and continuing the family tradition.
11. The gift of witnessing my children continuing the family tradition by purchasing an RV and camping with my grandchildren.
Over 30 years later—My son and grandson camping at our favorite state park

To those of you that celebrate the gift that was given in the manger so many years ago, may your Christmas be merry and full of joy—and for those of you that observe another holiday may you enjoy a joyful time with family and friends.

What gifts are you thankful for this Christmas? Please share in the comment box below.

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Gift Ideas For RVers For Christmas And Birthday Presents

Looking to buy a gift for a seasoned RVer? The problem with buying a gift for someone that RVs full-time or has been on the road for years is they either already own it or don’t have room for it in the RV.

Therefore, consider gifts that are small and/or consumable. Let’s take a look at a few ideas:

1. State recreation passes

The majority of RVers enjoy exploring and camping on public land. Consider buying them a pass that allows them to recreate in their home state.

A majority of states require a day pass to enter their state park system, some even provide a discount on overnight camping. In Washington State, a Discover Pass also allows entry into Fish and Wildlife Areas and Department of Natural Resource land where there are thousands of free places to camp.

gift ideas
Free camping via Discover Pass. Photo by author

In Arizona, there are thousands of acres of land held in trust that can be accessed via an annual permit that allows day use and free overnight camping.

2. A Forest Service Pass

A Forest Service Pass allows the pass holder access to developed amenities on forest service land like trailheads, boat launches, and points of interest.

On occasion, they even take the place of overnight camping fees. Passes are available for different regions and are good for 12 consecutive months.

3. An all-access pass to National Parks & more

An America the Beautiful Pass will allow your RV friends access to National Monuments, National Parks, fee access sites managed by the United States Forest Service (USFS), Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and more.

gift ideas
These interagency passes are good for one full year from the month they’re purchased. Read more on Do It Yourself RV.

Those with an America The Beautiful Pass typically can access all (USFS) sites so they won’t need a Forest Service Pass as well. The America the Beautiful Pass expires annually until the age of 62 at which time the recipient is eligible for a lifetime pass.

4. Emergency services membership

Another gift that expires annually is a membership for Emergency Roadside Towing, which will bring peace of mind to you and your RVing friends.

Be certain to purchase them a policy that covers RVs. AAA and Good Sam both offer policies designed for RV owners and have lots of discounts and rewards for their members.

5. Fuel gift cards

Consider getting your RVing friend a Flying J/Pilot gift card they can use to buy motor fuel, propane, or pay for dump station fees.

gift ideas
Fuel gift cards are perfect for RVers. Photo by bamaspiveys on iRV2 Forums

Gift cards are available from most any store that offers gift cards or from a variety of online sources.

6. A roll of quarters

Every RVer has to do laundry while on the road, so why not save them a trip to the bank to pick up a roll of quarters for the laundromat?

Buying the perfect gift for an RVing friend will help them enjoy their next adventure in RVing!

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Top 10 RV Christmas Gifts // 2018 Edition

If you’re searching for those perfect RV Christmas gifts, you’ve come to the right spot. Each year we compile a list of presents that will be perfect for the RVer in your life!

Let us begin by saying – this is not a sponsored post. None of these companies have paid us or asked us to include them in this Holiday RV Gift Guide. We’ve picked these items for two reasons…either they’re a classic RV item or they’re cool & unique (making sure your loved-one won’t be receiving a delicate present).

Without any further ado, let hope right in!

This is a great gift for the aspiring RVer! Our friends, Marc & Julie of RV Love, just released their beautiful, full color book titled, Living The RV Life. Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 5.38.27 PM.pngThis 256 page book is packed full of useful information, gorgeous photos and informative diagrams.

Escapees Magazine says, “This is an excellent introduction to RVing and a suitable holiday gift for those who are considering the RV lifestyle.”

We have a copy of this book in our rig, in fact! Not to mention, you can find a sweet pic of our Airstream renovation in it!

Click here to get it on Amazon for $15

This RV Gift is perfect for the part time RVer. The MarCell Monitoring System is a cellular based technology that monitors the temperature and humidity in your RV. Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 5.51.30 PM.pngWe currently use this system and it gives us great peace of mind when we’re away from our rig.

If the temp or humidity gets out of range (which you set), a text message or email will be sent to you immediately.

The system also has Water Pucks that can be strategically placed and monitor your RV for leaks inside your rig.

Overall, the system can protect your rig and prevent major issues from developing.

Click here to get it on Amazon

What the heck is an RV Life printable?! Well, it’s pretty much just what it sounds like…files you can print to help organize your RV life.

Our friends, Jason & Rae of The Getaway Couple, have created a unique set of printable documents to assist with that.

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 5.54.28 PM.png

Jason & Rae say, “There is so much information to keep track of regarding insurance, weight limits, maintenance, warranties, campground bookings, things you want to see, planning meals, moving day checklists, and so much more! Tracking all of this information is overwhelming, especially when you don’t have a centralized point for it all. You can be hunting through paperwork to find your warranty card, searching emails to find that one campground booking, scouring your phone for a quick departure checklist you made on the fly.”

Check Out The RV Life Printables Here

The WiFi Booster Camp Pro 2 can help get you connected to the campground WiFi. If you’ve ever been at a RV park, but couldn’t quite connect to the WiFi signal, this booster can come in handy.Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 6.12.52 PM

The booster may also help you get connected to WiFi at Walmart or Cabella’s during your overnight camping stay!

We’ve linked to the booster on TechnoRV because they’re always ready to help you figure out what equipment will work best for your unique setup.

Click Here To Get The Booster From TechnoRV

Of all the RV Christmas Gifts, this is the only gift that has made the list two years in a row! The Outland Living Fire Bowl is a must-have for any RVer. Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 6.20.56 PM.pngHeck, it’s a must-have for any home owner that spends time outside.

We’ve been using the Fire Bowl for two years and have absolutely loved it.

It runs on propane – so, you never need to worry about smelling like a smokey campfire. We’ve been allowed to use it during “burn bans” because its self contained and can be turned off with a single knob.

Truly, we’ve had only positive experiences with this. It comes highly recommended by us!

Get The Fire Bowl on Amazon

If your loved one is serious about RV Living – an online RV course may be the perfect gift! We suggest two courses, depending on your needs.

First, The Fulltime To Freedom course is an amazingly comprehensive guide to becoming a full time RVer. It covers all the basics of transitioning into RV Life and it dives deep into planning & preparation.

Secondly, The Remote Work 101 Course is great for people wanting to transition into a remote work job. Remote Work allows travelers to explore and earn income at the same time!

Ok, this might not be the most fun of the RV Christmas gifts…but, we promise it will come in handy. No one wants to camp in a slanted RV. Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 6.32.41 PM.png

These modern levelers use an innovative design so you can level your RV or trailer on the FIRST try – every single time!

Our friends at Morton Trailer Supply not only offer these levelers, but they are also full time RVers and offer awesome customer service!

Get these levelers from Morton Trailer Supply Here

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 6.42.51 PM.pngHere’s another gift perfect for ANY RVer! We all love clean water, and having used these ourselves, we can honestly say these Berkey Water Filters rock!

We use a Royal Berkey, but they come in all sizes…from a water bottle, to a shower unit and all the way to a 6 gallon water filter!

They’re currently having a huge sale on their “Holiday Bundle”

We like that the Berkey Water filter has options to remove fluoride from the water! If you want to check out the unit we use, click here (its on sale now too)!

Sometimes the internet just can’t compete with a physical book! The Next Exit is a perfect example of this fact. Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 6.59.22 PM.png

Here’s how the book self describes, “The Next EXIT 2018 is the 27th updated edition of the iconic USA Interstate highway exit directory, which lists gas, food, lodging, shopping and many other services. The most complete directory ever printed, it will help you find everything you need in the windshield, not the rear view mirror.”

Our friends, Tom & Cait, have also told us just how useful it is! Instead of searching the internet for a gas station or restaurant, The Next Exit will tell you exactly what services each intestate exit offers!

Click here to get it on Amazon!

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 7.06.08 PM.pngIf you’re part of the Vibe Tribe, we have the perfect stocking stuffers for you! Our stickers & koozies are available here.

And, even though our album recently sold out, you can still download it on our website. It will set the perfect vibes for baking holiday goodies!

Get The Digital Album Here

Last, but not least, you can buy a Vibe Tribe shirt for your loved one! All these gifts will fit snuggly in the stocking of your loved one!

Get Your Tee Shirt Here

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