Where Is The Best Place To Buy An RV? RV Dealer Tips

Buying a new car or truck has become much like buying a commodity, you purchase it at the lowest price possible (regardless of where the dealer is located) and expect the manufacturer Ford, Chevrolet, etc to stand behind their product via their nationwide networks of dealers when it needs warranty work wherever that may be, and they do.

This process works for several reasons. The manufacturer is just that—a manufacturer; they manufacture the vehicle, control production for the majority of the components the vehicle, train technicians how to diagnosis and repair the vehicle along with knowing how long it should take to diagnosis and repair each item in their vehicle, allow that amount of time for their dealers to repair it and pay their dealerships retail labor rate to make the repair. The reality is the service department of most car dealerships is more profitable than the sales department in today’s economy.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way in the RV industry for several reasons.

RV dealer
Know what to look for in an RV dealer

RV manufacturers aren’t really manufacturers, just assemblers, taking somebody else’s product (door, furnace, sink, rubber roofing, axle, etc) and putting them together to make an RV, much like building a house. Most of the component items carry their own warranty of which the RV manufacturer has no control over.

Since RV manufacturers don’t manufacture their own components, it is difficult for a manufacturer to train service technicians on how to properly diagnosis and repair items.

And since they can’t control the overall quality of their units, it is hard to calculate what they should hold in reserve to cover the warranty costs per unit manufactured, so they try to control warranty costs by shorting the dealer in the time they allot for repairs, paying less than the dealer’s retail rate or making the dealer contact the manufacturer of the component for reimbursement. Needless to say, warranty work is not profitable for the average RV dealer.

To further aggravate the problem, the recent surge in RV sales has left RV dealers scrambling for RV technicians to keep up with the demand for service. While the RV industry has recognized the shortage of technicians and is spending millions hiring teachers, writing curriculum and launching a national training center that will be known as the RV Technical Institute, it will be some time before the shortage of trained and certified technicians fill the void.

Bottom line: Most RV dealers service departments are currently straining to keep up with the demand for service, with a limited number of trained personnel, while still trying to make a profit, so when the choice comes down to performing warranty work for the customer who bought somewhere else (out of town dealer or online and had it delivered) OR servicing somebody that purchased through their dealership, who do you think receives priority?

Being the guy that finds out he can’t get warranty work done by his local dealer is one adventure in RVing I don’t recommend!

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RV Dealer With Great Customer Service: Motor Home Specialist

Motor Home Specialist is proud to sponsor this article.

So you’re thinking about buying a new RV. How do you know what place is going to give you the best deal on the right motorhome or trailer?

RV dealer
Motor Home Specialist is the top volume-selling motorhome dealer in the world. All photos courtesy of Motor Home Specialist

You’ll want to look for a few things besides low prices or a convenient location.  Take Motor Home Specialist near Dallas-Fort Worth for example.  They’re the top volume-selling motorhome dealer in the world and the leading RV dealer in all of Texas for good reason.  These are some key ways they go the extra mile for customers and set the bar high in the industry.

RVs that are worth your money

At Motor Home Specialist, every RV that comes in from the manufacturer is cleaned and detailed inside and out and given a thorough 200-point inspection.

RV dealer
Every RV that comes in from the manufacturer is given a thorough 200-point inspection

Their vast complex in Alvarado, Texas includes 30 service bays, 60 fully-covered service and delivery pads, a multi-million dollar coach wash, and perhaps the industry’s only automated high-pressure rain booth test, which helps detect leaks before delivery.

RV dealer
MHSRV has a multi-million dollar coach wash and a rain booth test to detect leaks before delivery

Unlike many dealers, Motor Home Specialist does not charge a fee for their prep service—it’s all part of their dedication to delivering the best motorhomes possible.  They also have a team of highly qualified technicians who walk customers through all of the features in their new motorhome at no cost as well.

A wide selection—and a low-pressure sales approach

Shopping at a large dealership like Motor Home Specialist also makes it easier to find the specific make/model you want without having to wait for a special order.  They have a wide selection of new and used RVs with prices ranging from around $19,000 all the way up to multi-million dollar coaches and every price point in-between.

RV dealer
Their huge 180-acre complex in Alvarado, Texas, just outside of Dallas and Fort Worth

Since their property is so large, Motor Home Specialist has 50 courtesy carts that customers can drive around to browse all of their vehicles for sale.  You can take them out to browse freely or a staff member can join you to answer any questions you may have.

In addition, their entire inventory and information about each motorhome can also be found online and purchased from the comfort of your own home. Talk about a low-pressure sales approach!

Cold bottled water is available in the motorhomes for sale, a refreshing bonus when you’re shopping in the Texas heat.  They’ll even serve you a free lunch at their cafe if you stop by on a Saturday afternoon.

RV dealer
Grab a bite to eat at their on-site cafe

They go the extra mile in customer service

Another way that Motor Home Specialist gives back to their customers is with their free shuttle service.  When you fly in from out of town to pick up your new motorhome, MHSRV will pick you up from DFW Airport at no extra cost.

You can even stay the night for free in their delivery park to get comfortable with your RV and to make sure there are no repairs that need to be taken care of before driving off their lot.

Delivery pads at Motor Home Specialist

They not only give back to their customers but also their community.  Motor Home Specialist has donated over $1.5 million back to veterans, elderly, and children in need and they are proud to have sponsored with Cook Children’s Hospital, the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, the Ronald McDonald House, Meals On Wheels, as well as other local and national charities and law enforcement and emergency response agencies.

Great reviews

You can also learn a lot about an RV dealer or any business by reading their reviews.  Motor Home Specialist has over 4,000 five-star reviews from RVers on their website like these:

“Customer Service was top notch and more extensive than any other dealership we visited – from the lunch, golf cart options, no stress/pressure to buy. Staff accessibility (available via cell), the walk-through process and the option to stay overnight to test everything. We are extremely pleased. Thanks!”

“Thank you for taking so much care in preparing for our arrival, for having the rig ready, and for making us feel valued. You guys are awesome! Lunch was great, actually every part was very pleasant. We appreciate that you are not high pressure and that the process isn’t annoying or labor-intensive.”

Motor Home Specialist is located in Alvarado, Texas just outside of Dallas and Fort Worth.  You can see their entire selection on their website at MHSRV.com or feel free to call 800-335-6054.

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