What is RVX? – Drivin’ & Vibin’ Share Details on New Event

There’s a lot of buzz among RVers about the new event called RVX, also know as The RV Experience. We admit – we’re a bit excited to be heading to Salt Lake City in two days to check it out!

In this article we’ll discuss who’s organizing the event, the purpose of the event, and why the RVX going to be so exciting.

The RVX is a creation of the RV Industry Association (a trade association that represents RV manufacturers and their component parts suppliers).

The RVIA serves many purposes. You may be most familiar with RVIA through their media arm “Go RVing”. But, the truth is, they are an expansive trade association that lobbies for the RV industry on a federal level, collects and shares industry data, and promotes RV life through national media.

On paper, the RVX is an industry-only event that connects RV dealers with RV manufactures for the upcoming camping season. But, there’s so much more to the story!

This year’s event is all about technology and innovation.

Almost every major manufacturer will be showcasing their newest units with cutting edge design & innovation. Newmar will be debuting their first Super C! KOA will be showcasing “Campgrounds of the Future.” And, brands like Dometic and Battle Born will be releasing their most advanced technology.

RVX Dometic Feature
Dometic’s Portable Lithium Battery featured at RVX

The event will also include a number of awards. They’ll feature both manufacturer and supplier awards. Most excitingly, the RVIA will name the “40 Under 40” awards!

If all that wasn’t enough, the show opens up with The Reveal. Here’s how the RVX describes it: The Reveal…will unveil the best of the best RVs chosen by a consumer-focused panel, and streamed online to thousands of consumers through Go RVing.

We caught up with the President of RVIA, Frank Hugelmeyer and this is his message to the Vibe Tribe:

“RVs are the ultimate adventure vehicle for the greatest mobile generation. Whether you’re a surfer, camper, festival goer, tailgater, roadtripper, digital nomad or all of the above, there is an RV out there that’ll fit your budget and lifestyle.”

– Frank Hugelmeyer, President of RVIA

We totally agree! This is why RV life is so popular.

Here’s the downside: the RVX isn’t open to the public. We’re fortunate to be attending as members of the press. But, don’t get bummed, we’ll be creating a video series that features all the must-see RVs and conduct interviews with top execs of the industry.

Well, we love technology and we love RV life! We’re excited to see how the industry leaders are incorporating new tech into their designs, and we’re excited to have the opportunity to talk to them directly about their vision.

High end RVs that have yet to be released to the public will be there….I mean that’s pretty exciting.

This is the place to witness how technology is, and will be, infused into the RV Lifestyle.

At this years event we’ll see a clear distinction between the brands that embrace technological change and those that don’t. But, above all, it should inspire all participants to visualize a modern RV experience for today’s digital traveler.

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Adjusting to RV Life – The Emotional Challenge Drivin’ & Vibin’

Adjusting to RV life can be pretty hard at first. Making the choice to follow our dreams and live life on the road is one of the best decisions we’ve ever made, but it’s definitely got its own unique set of challenges.

It’s a major adjustment to leave behind the life you knew; You’re saying goodbye to your house, your friends and family members, and probably your old job too. You’re journeying into the unknown and that’s HUGE. If you’ve made this transition or plan to, you’re so very brave and you have a huge community out there to support you.

I wanted to share some things with you that have helped us in our journey. It can be difficult for some, especially in those first few months, but it gets so much easier and we’re here to help. It just takes a little while to find your bearings.


People refer to RV life as a “permanent vacation” and thats just not true. We still have to work, keep up the laundry, buy groceries, and pay bills. We’re not immune to stress and our problems don’t disappear. RV life has some amazing perks, like exploring beautiful landscapes and changing your backyard whenever you want, but we do regular people stuff too.

You could be on the go all the time and moving every couple days, but we’ve found that we need balance so we don’t burn ourselves out. Find that balance and a pace that works for you.


Mindset is everything. If you approach things with a open heart, without expectations of what it “should” be you will save yourself a lot of grief. Almost nothing goes as planned when you want it to, so be flexible and learn to adapt.

Be open to changing plans. Not holding ourselves to strict schedules, has given us so much freedom. That doesn’t mean theres no planning involved, but we give ourselves some wiggle room. We can add a few days at or leave early if we want to. On actual travel days, we personally like to leave early and move no more than 200 miles. That may sound short, but it keeps us stress free and we still have the whole day ahead of us.

Sometimes you get a flat tire, or the campground is full or you get on the road later than expected… We like to have a lot of daylight to come up with a backup plan. No matter the obstacle, theres always a lesson to be learned from any situation. You just might end up learning a new skill, finding a great new camp spot, or making a new friend.


We spent the first few months on the road navigating this new life by ourselves. We learned a lot in those months, but I can’t even describe how much we grew once we found our place in the RVing community.

We found our tribe with the Xscapers, we met like minded individuals, who understood the joys and struggles we faced. They helped us learn the ropes of boondocking, we learned about generators and solar and so much more. We shared stories, campfires and meals together and we still meet up every chance we get.

We had no idea how important this was to us, until we found it. We encourage you to find your tribe. Join a club, attend a rally, invite your neighbors over to your campfire. Just put yourself out there, you won’t regret it.


This may not apply to you, but if it does its very important. Your partner is not your enemy. It will feel like it at times (ahem..backing up the trailer) but they are going to be your biggest support system. You’re a team and it requires both of you for the ship to run smoothly. It will take a while to figure out your individual jobs, but once you do you will be unstoppable!

We tend to take our frustrations out on the ones closest to us, so its very important to communicate openly with your partner. Improving our communication skills have been key to avoiding conflict in our tiny space.

For more in depth on ways to nurture your relationship, check out our post RV Living – Maintaining a Healthy Relationship.


Your confidence will grow day by day and the experiences you have will be priceless. RV Life is filled with beautiful natural wonders and the most kind hearted people. Enjoy the journey and know that you made it happen.

As you grow and learn, don’t be afraid to help out others who are just beginning. They may need advice or they may just need a friend, but it will mean the world. We had others show us the way and now its our duty to pass it on.

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