Manor RV Park In Estes Park, Colorado

There is something special about experiencing the outdoors during the winter.  The air is crisp and clear, the stars twinkle brighter, and the snow-covered landscapes twinkle with sunlight or moonlight.

Exploring by snowshoes or cross-country skis is a great way to work up an appetite for a welcome warm hearty meal.  As well, during the winter months, there is less worry about fire restrictions for campfires or bears, snakes, or other hibernating animals visiting your campsite.

RV park
Manor RV Park offers a winter RVing experience at the foot of Rocky Mountain National Park (Photo via Trout Haven Resorts)

While many northern RV parks close during the winter season, Manor RV Park (part of the Trout Haven Resorts) in the picturesque town of Estes Park, Colorado remains open to RVs for dry camping.  Nestled next to the Big Thompson River on the side of Prospect Mountain, the Manor RV Park offers year-round experiences.

During winter months, guests can enjoy a more quiet stay with campfires, ice fishing or skating on the on-site trout pond, or a jaunt up the road about 2 miles to experience Rocky Mountain National Park to hike, ski, or snowshoe.

Snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park (Photo via Trout Haven Resorts)

Damien Boynton, general manager for the Trout Haven Resorts, says that winter RVing is becoming more and more popular.

Manor RV Park has 20 dry sites (power and WiFi, but no water) available during the winter months, and their bookings are filled or nearly filled most weekends.

Over the past 2-3 years, more people have been coming during the off-season or returning to enjoy the scaled back time of the year.

A flock of turkeys wintering near Manor RV Park (Photo by Damien Boynton)

Originally from Australia, Damien has nearly a decade of experience in the camping and hospitality service, and five years living in Estes Park.

Damien says one of the highlights of winter RVing at Manor RV Park is a more personalized park experience and the ability to see wildlife during a very unique time of the year.

Some things to consider before you RV during the winter months are to look at the weather forecast so you have a good idea what to prepare for and to be cautious of the elements when you are out adventuring.  This means dressing for the weather and making sure you have the equipment you need with you (and know how to use it).

Manor RV Park
Viewing wildlife like this bull elk during the winter is a unique experience (Photo by Damien Boynton)

Manor RV Park has 110 full hookup sites available during the summer with on-site movie nights, Bingo, and potluck Tuesdays.  Manor RV Park is pet-friendly and has an office on the property to assist you with your year-round adventure plans.

You can learn more about the RV park on their website and on RV Park Reviews.

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