2020 Unity by Leisure Travel Vans Debuts at RVX

The 2020 Unity by Leisure Travel Vans infuses a luxurious vibe into a versatile Class B van. This model, that features a Murphy Bed, was debuted at RVX in Salt Lake City.

At the RVX, the Unity was awarded as the best “City Escape” RV of 2019. If you want  a video tour of the Unity by Leisure Travel Vans, we linked it below!

There’s a lot of technology in this Unity. In fact, Dometic is using Leisure Travel Vans as the brand to implement its latest innovations. Two of our favorite Dometic innovations are in this particular model.

The first piece of tech that got our attention was Dometic’s IoT system. This system connects all of your RV’s functions onto a touchscreen.

Here’s how Leisure Travel Vans describes it:

The all-new Dometic IoT Solution allows users to control and monitor their RV’s components with the touch of their finger. Six touchscreens are conveniently located throughout the coach which control and monitor the RV’s electrical components including lighting, climate control, awnings, water heater and tanks, water pump, batteries, inverter status, and LP Gas. View multiple functions at the same time via the flexibility of Dometic’s modular screen design. RVers can even customize comfort controls as well as set scenes that can run multiple tasks at once. Scenes can also be automated to run at specific times throughout the day. Intelligent predictive monitoring provides a forecasted view of the system’s usage indicating when critical resources are reaching their limits. For the connected user, the system can be controlled remotely from a smartphone or tablet. 

Unity by Leisure Travel Vans
Dometic Technology in Unity by Leisure Travel Vans


Sometimes simple solutions don’t really require much technology, just great engineering. The Unity by Leisure Travel Vans features Dometic double hinged fridge. The fridge can open from the left and the right – it’s the perfect solution for life in a small space!

This unity bed room has a queen size murphy bed that folds down over the back seating area. There is also a TV located in the bedroom.

Cabinets and storage space abounds throughout the rig.

Leisure Travel Van Unity Floor Plan
This is the Murphy Bed floor plan for the 2020 Unity by Leisure Travel Vans

The kitchen has a deep sink, propane range and a small TV.  There’s an interior water filter and much storage underneath the counter.

Leisure Travel Vans want to give you design options:

Whether you choose the rich luster of Cherry, Espresso Brown or the contemporary European style of Sierra Maple, our gorgeous curved wood cabinets offer seemingly infinite storage. -Leisure Travel Vans

While the official 2020 price hasn’t been released yet, we think this will clock in around $140,000. Most of the 2019 models start around $137,000.

This is a pretty penny, but driving a diesel Mercedes doesn’t come cheap.

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 10.18.11 PM.png



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What is RVX? – Drivin’ & Vibin’ Share Details on New Event

There’s a lot of buzz among RVers about the new event called RVX, also know as The RV Experience. We admit – we’re a bit excited to be heading to Salt Lake City in two days to check it out!

In this article we’ll discuss who’s organizing the event, the purpose of the event, and why the RVX going to be so exciting.

The RVX is a creation of the RV Industry Association (a trade association that represents RV manufacturers and their component parts suppliers).

The RVIA serves many purposes. You may be most familiar with RVIA through their media arm “Go RVing”. But, the truth is, they are an expansive trade association that lobbies for the RV industry on a federal level, collects and shares industry data, and promotes RV life through national media.

On paper, the RVX is an industry-only event that connects RV dealers with RV manufactures for the upcoming camping season. But, there’s so much more to the story!

This year’s event is all about technology and innovation.

Almost every major manufacturer will be showcasing their newest units with cutting edge design & innovation. Newmar will be debuting their first Super C! KOA will be showcasing “Campgrounds of the Future.” And, brands like Dometic and Battle Born will be releasing their most advanced technology.

RVX Dometic Feature
Dometic’s Portable Lithium Battery featured at RVX

The event will also include a number of awards. They’ll feature both manufacturer and supplier awards. Most excitingly, the RVIA will name the “40 Under 40” awards!

If all that wasn’t enough, the show opens up with The Reveal. Here’s how the RVX describes it: The Reveal…will unveil the best of the best RVs chosen by a consumer-focused panel, and streamed online to thousands of consumers through Go RVing.

We caught up with the President of RVIA, Frank Hugelmeyer and this is his message to the Vibe Tribe:

“RVs are the ultimate adventure vehicle for the greatest mobile generation. Whether you’re a surfer, camper, festival goer, tailgater, roadtripper, digital nomad or all of the above, there is an RV out there that’ll fit your budget and lifestyle.”

– Frank Hugelmeyer, President of RVIA

We totally agree! This is why RV life is so popular.

Here’s the downside: the RVX isn’t open to the public. We’re fortunate to be attending as members of the press. But, don’t get bummed, we’ll be creating a video series that features all the must-see RVs and conduct interviews with top execs of the industry.

Well, we love technology and we love RV life! We’re excited to see how the industry leaders are incorporating new tech into their designs, and we’re excited to have the opportunity to talk to them directly about their vision.

High end RVs that have yet to be released to the public will be there….I mean that’s pretty exciting.

This is the place to witness how technology is, and will be, infused into the RV Lifestyle.

At this years event we’ll see a clear distinction between the brands that embrace technological change and those that don’t. But, above all, it should inspire all participants to visualize a modern RV experience for today’s digital traveler.

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