Top 5 Best Travel Trailers for Large Families

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Summer vacations call for an outing with the entire family! If you’re one of those with more than 6 people in your family, you’ll need something that can house all of you and still provide the comfort and features of a regular travel trailer. Read on, to discover the top 5 best travel trailers for large families!

What puts an RV on the list: It’s not exactly difficult to find travel trailers that have floorplans that can hold 6+ people, but finding good ones that also have noteworthy features and user/critic reviews can narrow the list to a handful of travel trailers. We’ve taken those into consideration and taken a look at the sheer number of floorplans that they have, and we’ve got the top 5!

The Top 5 Best Travel Trailers For Large Families:

  1. Coachmen Freedom Express Travel Trailer
  2. Palomino Puma Travel Trailer
  3. Dutchmen Aspen Trail Travel Trailer
  4. Keystone Hideout Travel Trailer
  5. Keystone Passport Travel Trailer

#1. Coachmen Freedom Express Travel Trailer

Durable Camping For The Entire Family!

View All Coachmen Freedom Express Travel Trailer Floorplans!

No. of Floorplans Unloaded Weight Sleeps Length
26 3852-7736 lbs 4-10 22-36 feet

Why we recommend the Coachmen Freedom Express travel trailer: Coachmen’s Freedom Express has lived up to its name, providing you the freedom of 26 unique floorplans that have a variety of sleeping capacities, length, and weight ranges covered. If you’re looking for ones that can handle more than 6 people, 17 floorplans have 6 or higher sleeping capacity.

You’ll find that the Freedom Express leaves nothing to be desired. From the interior speakers to the jackknife sofa, it’s all here. Appropriate safety measures are also taken into consideration as the Freedom Express includes a smoke and carbon dioxide detector. Finally, if you want to upgrade this camper in the future, you can do so through various expansions available such as upgrading to a 15,000 BTU AC and frameless windows.

Key Features:

  • 26 different floor plans available
  • Dinette storage access doors
  • Sealed/seamless counter-tops
  • Accent wall in master bedroom
  • Smoke and carbon dioxide detector
  • Insulated, painted radius entry door with screen door

Video Overview:


#2. Palomino Puma Travel Trailer

43 Floorplans. Same Luxury.

View All Palomino Puma Travel Trailer Floorplans!

No. of Floorplans Unloaded Weight Sleeps Length
43 5322-8795 lbs 4-10 27-38 feet

Why we recommend Palomino Puma travel trailer: The Puma was also featured as one of the best travel trailers for couples on the go, but it’s also got enough floorplans to make it an admirable travel trailer for large families. 21 floorplans means you have enough options available, and the length range of 38 feet makes it one of the most spacious travel trailers out there. We liked these in particular due to their good ‘length to sleeping capacity’ ratio: Puma 28FQDB and Puma 29QBSS.

We were really impressed that the Puma has tinted safety glasses, power awning and pass-thru storage, as these are the kind of features which can be extremely useful, especially when traveling with a large family. On the inside, it has LED lighting for ambiance, all of the necessary safety measures, and tons of optional upgrades to make this camper even better down the line. All in all, top marks to Puma for making such a versatile and well-rounded travel trailer!

Key Features:

  • 43 different floor plans available
  • Upgraded soft teddy bear bunk mats
  • 35,000 BTU furnace
  • Carbon monoxide, LP leak and smoke detector
  • 14-inch Deep overhead cabinets in Super-slide models
  • Rubber roof with 12 year manufacturer’s warranty

Virtual Tour:


#3. Dutchmen Aspen Trail Travel Trailer

36 Ways To Show A Quality Travel Trailer!

View All Dutchmen Aspen Trail Travel Trailer Floorplans!

No. of Floorplans Unloaded Weight Sleeps Length
36 3125-8126 lbs 3-10 21-39 feet

Why we recommend the Dutchmen Aspen Trail travel trailer: The Aspen Trail is one of the finer trailers of the Dutchmen, and has made more than a few appearances on our top 5 lists. It’s on-paper specs are quite impressive, to say the least. After all, it’s hard to find a camper that weighs as low as 3,125 pounds to 8,126 pounds, which offers more durability, length, and sleeping capacity at the cost of the added weight. Check out these in particular: Aspen Trail 2340BHS and Aspen Trail 31BH.

The Aspen Trail is just as impressive when it comes to its feature set. You’ll find the basics: a microwave and a 13,500 BTU air conditioner, along with some extras such as 2 exterior speakers, fully walkable roof, and a stereo system with aux, CD and DVD support! Upgrading the Aspen Trail is easy to do, and the amount of options you get is phenomenal. It’s no surprise that the Aspen Trail is considered as one of the best travel trailers of Dutchmen, a company that already makes quality RVs!

Key Features:

  • 36 different floor plans available
  • Seamless one piece roof
  • Radius overhead cabinets
  • Cable TV hookup with booster
  • Two exterior speakers
  • Tinted safety glass windows

Virtual Tour:


#4. Keystone Hideout Travel Trailer

Spacious Camping Personified!

View All Keystone Hideout Travel Trailer Floorplans!

No. of Floorplans Unloaded Weight Sleeps Length
44 4102-8590 lbs 3-10 23-37 feet

Why we recommend the Keystone Hideout travel trailer: If the sheer number of floorplans of the Keystone Hideout isn’t enough to impress you, the fact that 33 of those floorplans can actually hold 6 or more people should. It also covers a variety of weight ranges, sleeping capacities and lengths. We liked the Hideout 272 LHS and Hideout 28BHS, but be sure to check out all of them and decide which one suits you and your family best!

The Hideout also has lots of features to boast of, ranging from a TV antenna with booster to a fully walkable roof. Furthermore, it can be upgraded/modified with a lot of upgrades and expansions, some of which include but are not limited to LCD TV, freestanding dinette and a tri-fold sleeper sofa. All in all, the Hideout leaves nothing to complain about, and you should give it a try if you’re looking for a quality travel trailer!

Key Features:

  • 44 different floor plans
  • 13,500 BTU air conditioner
  • Lighted adjustable power awning
  • Four heavy duty stabilizer jacks
  • Black radius window frames
  • Powder coated I-beam frame

Virtual Tour:


#5. Keystone Passport Travel Trailer

A Floorplan For Every Taste!

Learn Keystone Passport Travel Trailer Floorplans!

No. of Floorplans Unloaded Weight Sleeps Length
31 3160-6926 lbs 4-10 20-37 feet

Why we recommend Keystone Passport travel trailer: Keystone has made another great RV with it’s Passport travel trailer. You’ll find the Passport to feature a variety of 31 floorplans, 16 of which have 6 or more sleeping capacities. Check out the Passport 3350BHWE Grand Touring and the Passport 3350BH Grand Touring if you’re interested in a recreational vehicle that can have the sleep to length ratio.

Another aspect of the Passport that we really liked were the tons of storage compartments and spaces all over the RV, making it awesome for large families to store all of their stuff and not run out of space. Apart from that, it has all of the amenities in a regular travel trailer and then some. Upgradability is also taken care of with options such as a 15,000 BTU upgraded air conditioner, free standing dinette with chairs, aluminum wheels and more!

Key Features:

  • 31 different floor plans available
  • Seamless laminated gel-coated filon exterior walls
  • One piece breathable Darco protective wrap
  • Rain gutters with extended downspouts
  • Residential style furniture with high grade fabric
  • Residential light fixtures in slide room

Virtual Tour:

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Top 5 Best Travel Trailers For Couples On The Go!

Top 5 Best Travel Trailers For Tailgating!

– – – – –

When it comes to taking a all of your kids to go camping, you now know what to get if you want your first camping trip (and many more to come) to be a comfortable one. No wonder fifth wheel campers have so many satisfied users all over the world!

Large families will not only need a larger sleeping capacity but also lots of storage space, features and durability to handle a large family traveling in it at once. Hopefully, this list will set you in the right direction and help you in choosing an RV that’s just perfect for you (and your family!).

BEFORE you head to a dealer to see these trailers, download your FREE RV Buyers Worksheet for help keeping track of:

  • The feature must haves that are important to you and your family
  • Which brands or manufacturers you like
  • Budgeting tools including a payment calculator resource
  • Multiple well spaced pages with room for lots of your notes
  • BONUS Resources: Trade-in values, tow vehicle ratings, and finance options

Share with us your travel trailer for large families in the comments below!

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Top Five 4th of July Campgrounds 2018

The 4th of July is just around the corner and we know everyones getting excited for cookouts and fireworks, so we compiled a list of some of our favorite campgrounds that would be great for celebrating this Independence day! We called each park and asked specifically about availability for the day of the 4th, but […]

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The Top 10 Scenic Drives In The United States

Few things are more refreshing than taking a leisurely drive past stunning landscapes and through otherworldly terrain. Take a break from domestic monotony and focus your next RV adventure on one of the USA’s most breathtaking routes.

Even if you think you can’t be tempted into planning a road trip, these 10 scenic drives may just cure your provincialism and inspire you to explore.

1. Route 66

scenic drives
Route 66. Photo by Jakub Gorajek on Unsplash

Also known as the “Mother Road”, Route 66 is one of the oldest and most famous highways in the United States. It trails through Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California, beginning in the heart of Chicago.

Once an essential passageway to the West, the historical route has inspired various books, movies, and songs. Today, the 2,451-mile drive provides travelers with diverse terrain, unusual landmarks, and nostalgic memories of the Old West.

2. Richardson Highway

scenic drives
Richardson Highway. Photo by Madeleine Deaton on Flickr

Cruise past some of Alaska’s natural wonders along a 360-mile stretch known as the Richardson Highway. Glacial mountains, sprawling canyons, and abundant wildlife line the winding roads from Fairbanks to Valdez.

Before you leave, visit the town of North Pole, where travelers can visit the Santa Claus House any time of the year.

3. Overseas Highway

scenic drives
Overseas Highway. Photo: KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images, Flickr

The beauty of Florida’s Overseas Highway lasts for 113 miles, 7 of which pass completely over the Atlantic Ocean. Not surprisingly, locals have nicknamed this section the “Seven-Mile Bridge.”

Visit when traffic is minimal and enjoy a tranquil drive to Key West, the southernmost point of the contiguous United States.

4. Hana Highway

scenic drives
Hana Highway. Photo By Ella Emsheimer

Hawaii is known for its scenic beauty, so it’s no surprise that its islands hold some of the most beautiful routes in the United States. Hana Highway, which circles most of the island of Maui, snakes along cliffs’ edges, through rainforests, and past Haleakala volcano, ending in Hana.

The entire trip only takes about 3 hours, so you will have plenty of time to stop and admire the waterfalls or sample some of Maui’s famous roadside banana bread.

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5. Highway 100

scenic drives
Vermont’s Highway 100. Photo from Pixabay

Although Vermont’s Highway 100 is gorgeous all year round, it reaches a new level of brilliance once a year. Every October, the once-green trees adopt new color schemes of red, orange, and yellow, blazing like roadside wildfires.

In the spring and summer, the drive still offers rushing streams and covered bridges, passing through charming New England towns. If you decide to travel in the winter, keep in mind that you may get snowed in.

6. Great River Road

scenic drives
Great River Road. Photo from Pixabay

Passing through 10 states and covering a distance of 2,320 miles, the Great River Road is the longest scenic byway in the United States. It follows the Mississippi River through the Old South, past historic plantations, and up north, stretching from the Gulf of Mexico to Minnesota.

The route cuts through the United States and weaves past innumerable landmarks, following the most historically significant trading route in the United States.

7. Bayou Teche Scenic Byway

scenic drives
Bayou Teche Scenic Byway. Photo from Pixabay

The Bayou Teche Scenic Byway winds through Southern Louisiana, past Grecian architecture, swampy cypresses, and twisted oaks dripping with Spanish moss. The dark water and haunting stillness of the bayou make it the perfect setting for a Gothic novel.

Following the marshy river into Louisiana’s French Region, you are likely to encounter Cajun cuisine and locals who still speak an authentic Acadian dialect.

8. Pacific Coast Highway

scenic drives
Pacific Coast Highway. Photo by Thomas Ciszewski on Unsplash

Spanning the entire coast of California is the incredibly photogenic Pacific Coast Highway. Also known as Highway 1, it stretches from the California-Oregon border to the southernmost point of San Diego.

Cruise along coastal bluffs, across Big Sur’s Bixby Bridge, and past seaside redwood forests while taking an unparalleled journey along the West Coast.

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9. Newfound Gap Road

scenic drives
Newfound Gap Road. Photo by Phil Varney on Flickr

Newfound Gap Road carves through the Great Smoky Mountains, offering travelers panoramic views of colorful foliage and sierra sunsets.

Start in Asheville, North Carolina and drive through mountain passes into Tennessee. If you visit during the fall, you’ll be plunged into golden forests along the way.

10. Flint Hills National Scenic Byway

scenic drives
Flint Hills National Scenic Byway. Photo by Patrick Emerson on Flickr

The Flint Hills region of Kansas is breathtaking any time of the day. Drive through in the morning if you’re craving emerald foothills and blue skies, or wait until evening to witness some of the best sunsets in the Midwest.

Visiting in the spring is highly recommended, especially if you’re looking for a drive through vivid prairies bursting with wildflowers.

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Top 5 Best Luxury Travel Trailers

Luxury Travel Trailers featured image

A travel trailers main job is to provide a homey place to sleep and camp.  However, it does not hurt to experience the many luxuries a travel trailer while you’re exploring the great outdoors. We’ve put together the 5 best luxury travel trailers in the market. Let’s take a couple minutes to explore the top models!

What puts an RV on the list: There are many factors that come into play when selecting luxury travel trailers. However, our top 5 list are the ones that have the best-in-class features, design, reviews, ratings and build quality to speak of. Most of them come with a premium price tag, but considering the look and feel they provide, it’s totally worth it!

The Top 5 Luxury Travel Trailers:

  1. Grand Design Reflection Travel Trailer
  2. Keystone Hideout Travel Trailer
  3. Palomino Puma Travel Trailer
  4. Heartland North Trail Travel Trailer
  5. Jayco White Hawk Travel Trailer

#1. Grand Design Reflection Travel Trailer

Wheeling In Grandeur!

View All Grand Design Reflection Travel Trailer Floorplans!

No. of Floorplans Unloaded Weight Sleeps Length
5 7692-8994 lbs 5-10 33-37 feet

Why we recommend the Grand Design Reflection travel trailer: Just one quick look, even from the outside, and it’s apparent that the Grand Design Reflection travel trailer lives up to the hype.  Apart from it’s long list of features and luxury offerings mentioned below, all of this goodness comes in 5 different floorplans that range from 7000 to 8000 pounds making it an ideal weight range but if you’re interested in having a travel trailer that you can tow using any half ton vehicle, then check out our other top choices below!

We particularly preferred the Reflection 315RLTS and the Reflection 285BHTS for their sleeping capacities, but the features are more or less the same across all of the floorplans. Some of the luxury ones are a wide view shower skylight that gives it an jaw-droppingly beautiful look, hand rubbed maple cabinet doors that provide style, substance and storage, and a huge king sized wardrobe if you’re planning on going for a long trip across the country!

Key Features:

  • 5 different floor plans available
  • Hand rubbed maple cabinet doors
  • Tri-fold hide-a-bed sofa
  • Wide view skylight over shower
  • King size wardrobe
  • Oversized underbed storage

Video Overview:


#2. Keystone Hideout Travel Trailer

Spacious Camping Personified!

View All Keystone Hideout Travel Trailer Floorplans!

No. of Floorplans Unloaded Weight Sleeps Length
44 4102-8590 lbs 3-10 23-37 feet

Why we recommend Keystone Hideout travel trailer: If one word were to do justice to the Hideout apart from spacious, it would be versatile. Keystone has managed to provide 44 different floorplans of this travel trailer which cover a wide range of weight, length and sleeping capacities. We particularly liked the Hideout 28RBS and the Hideout 32BHTS.  There is such a large amount of choices they provide, it’s best if you check out every one of them and decide for yourself!

Feature-wise, there’s a lot going on with the Hideout, especially in terms of luxury. A full walk-on roof allows you to camp and enjoy the view, or maybe you’re just interested in relaxing on the sofa and enjoying watching TV with the internal surround sound speakers. There’s also a lots of storage provided, including space under the master bed apart from the usual spaces you find in travel trailers. All in all, you’ll enjoy the look and feel of Hideout as well as find it to be equipped with the useful features.

Key Features:

  • 44 different floor plans available!
  • Full walk on roof
  • Reversible dinette cushions
  • Full strutted storage under master bed
  • 6 cubic feet refrigerator
  • Interior surround sound speakers

Virtual Tour:


#3. Palomino Puma Travel Trailer

43 Floorplans. Same Luxury!

View All Palomino Puma Travel Trailer Floorplans!

No. of Floorplans Unloaded Weight Sleeps Length
43 5322-8795 lbs 4-10 27-38 feet

Why we recommend the Palomino Puma travel trailer:  The Puma definitely deserves a spot here as due to the numerous of floorplans and the versatility it provides. But more importantly, it has the luxury features that few other travel trailers can provide in its price range. But those features remain same no matter which floorplan you chose. For example, we liked the Puma 32RKTS, but some other floorplan such as the Puma 27RLSS has the same decorative kitchen backsplash among other features listed below.

The Puma covers both the aspects of a luxury travel trailer: style and substance. The choice of 4 interior decor and bath skylight makes the travel trailer look premium, white the jackknife sofa and the nickel finish kitchen faucet add to convenience by providing high quality amenities that you could use. By the way, the sofa has also underneath storage to store extra items in along with a pull-down center drink tray. The list doesn’t end here!  One look at the upgrades and expansions and you’ll realize that we’ve only scratched the surface of the real potential of this travel trailer, making it an obvious choice to this and many other top 5 lists!

Key Features:

  • 43 different floor plans available
  • Nickel finish, single control high-rise kitchen faucet
  • Decorative kitchen splashboard
  • Jackknife sofa with pull-down center drink tray and underneath storage
  • Four interior decors
  • Bath skylights

Virtual Tour:


#4. Heartland North Trail Travel Trailer

Relax, Entertain, Unwind.

View All Heartland North Trail Travel Trailer Floorplans!

No. of Floorplans Unloaded Weight Sleeps Length
21 4450-8095 lbs 4-9 26-37 feet

Why we recommend the Heartland North Trail travel trailer: The North Trail by Heartland has a lot going on about it, even if it seems drasitcally similar to the other choices when it comes to specs on paper. Sure, there are many other travel trailers that provide a myriad of floorplans, but none of them can provide the level of quality and the versatility of the North Trail. You can start off with a 4450 lbs floorplan if you really need something lightweight or go all the way up to a floorplan that weighs over 8000 pounds but provides 37 feet of legroom!

You can go for our recommended North Trail 33 BUDS or the North Trail 31BHDD if you wish for better space, but the compact ones don’t sacrifice on the luxury. You can still enjoy its awesome LED HDTV that swivels so you can view it in the bedroom and let your eyes gaze on the look that the designer accent walls and the decorative glass inserts provide. If you’re aiming on taking the action outside, there are numerous other ways that the travel trailer will prove to be a luxury one such as the inclusion of outside speakers. All in all, the North Trail gives us no reason to believe that it doesn’t belong on this list!

Key Features:

  • 21 different floor plans
  • Monitor panel in bathroom
  • Designer accent walls
  • Shower skylight
  • Decorative glass inserts
  • Outside speakers

Virtual Tour:


#5. Jayco White Hawk Travel Trailer

Sleek Outside, Comfortable Inside!

View All Jayco White Hawk Travel Trailer Floorplans!

No. of Floorplans Unloaded Weight Sleeps Length
26 5245-7775 lbs 4-9 26-37 feet

Why we recommend Jayco White Hawk travel trailer: One of the most important aspects about a luxury travel trailer is the decor, which seems to be the strong suit of Jayco White Hawk travel trailer, as it has 3 different decor options available. Apart from that, it has many floorplans so you really have a lot of choices and will end up with a travel trailer that you truly like. We really liked the White Hawk 32 BHS and the White Hawk 31BH but, as we said, the possibilities are many, so be sure to check most, if not all of them out!

Apart from the decor, there’s lots of other subtle and not-so-subtle additions to the travel trailer that make it truly luxurious. Take, for example, the woodgrain accent paneling, bathroom skylight, an auto-ignition furnace along with a thermostat among others. The list doesn’t end here though, as there are many upgrades available if you want to give this camper an ‘oomph’ down the line. Some of the available options include tub surround, an upgraded air conditioner, a second air conditioner, kitchen skylight and frameless windows.

Key Features:

  • 26 different floor plans available
  • High-output auto-ignition furnace with wall thermostat
  • Bath skylight
  • 3 different decor options
  • Wood-grain accent paneling on select interior walls
  • Directional and closeable central air conditioner vents

Virtual Tour:

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Top 5 Best Travel Trailers For Large Families

Top 5 Best Travel Trailers Under $20,000 On A Budget!

– – – – –

If your hearts a bit heavy bidding adieu to all the luxury look and feel of your home when leaving for camping, fret not, for these travel trailers will provide the same atmosphere of living, all whilst traveling throughout the country!

BEFORE you head to a dealer to see these trailers, download your FREE RV Buyers Worksheet for help keeping track of:

  • The feature must-haves that are important to you and your family
  • Which brands or manufacturers you like
  • Budgeting tools including a payment calculator resource
  • Multiple well spaced pages with room for lots of your notes
  • BONUS Resources: Trade-in values, tow vehicle ratings, and finance options

Share with us your favorite luxury travel trailers in the comments below!

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Water4gas Review – Top Water For Fuel and HHO Kits

The internet is a powerful tool that can be used for a variety of research terms. Today it is more useful than ever when one is researching options to improve their gas mileage. There are a variety of videos and manuals that aim to help the non-mechanic to convert their car using an HHO hydrogen generator kit that will enable them to get more bang for their buck when it comes to the purchase of gasoline. Not only will you save money, but you will be driving one of the “green machines” that address the concerns of climate change and the environment. NB HHO is also known as browns gas

The Issue of Price

Many of the HHO hydrogen generator kits have an expensive price tag attached. It would take driving many miles in order to justify the purchase price. Another option is to purchase an HHO hydrogen generator kit manual such as water4gas that will take you through the steps needed to convert your car into a super gas saver. An hydrogen kit for your automobile will run smoother with less noise and save you a bundle at the gas station.

The manuals that are available for HHO gas hydrogen generator kits cost much less than some of their counterparts. You don’t need to be Joe Mechanic in order to convert your automobile into a super gas saver. The only skill you need is the ability to follow directions. Most of the parts needed to convert your car will cost less than $100 and before you know it, your new hybrid, created by you will be saving you much needed dollars when it is time to fill your car with gas.

If Safety is a Concern

Two of the best manuals for an HHO hydrogen generator kit on the market at present are water4gas and runyourcarwithwater. These manuals are written in simple language with instructions that will take the novice mechanic step by step through the conversion process. They are inexpensive to purchase and will address all safety concerns you may have about the conversion. A list of parts is given and can be easily purchased without breaking the bank. An added bonus of the manual at is the inclusion of all documentation that will be required to apply for IRS tax savings. These tax breaks are offered to those that drive a vehicle that addresses environmental concerns.

Another manual that you can purchase for an HHO hydrogen generator kit is DriveWithWaterFuel. This manual is not for the novice; rather it is for someone that has some experience in vehicle mechanics. Investing in an HHO hydrogen generator kit will quickly make your car a super gas saver. You will save hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year not just on gas, but on repairs as well. Your car will run cleaner and more efficiently once it is converted using an HHO hydrogen generator kit that can be purchased online.

So do your research on gas savers and make your way to a good water for fuel review and find out the pros and cons of each hydrogen and water for fuel kits. These gas saving reviews should help you get the best value for the money and will end up saving you much more than you spent on the HHO hydrogen generator kits in no time at all.

Can I use these kits on my car?

Based on the water for gas manuals any car could take advantage of this gas saving technology. Whether your vehicle is diesel or gasoline based; car truck or an earth mover as long as they have a combustion engine they should be easily converted to a much more economical and environment friendly vehicle. If your car or pickup is a Toyota, Nissan, Ford, GM, Chevy, Chrysler, Jeep, Hummer, Volkswagen, Buick, Hyundai, Mazda or any other brand you should easily be able to turn it into a water hybrid.

Source by Al Hritan