The Ultimate RV and Camping Podcasts Playlist

In the distant past, music CDs, audio books and FM radio were the only soundtrack for RV road trips. Not anymore. Smart phones and Internet connected vehicles give us dozens of ways to fuel our adventures with sound, like this ultimate RV and camping podcasts playlist.

RV and Camping Podcasts for Road Trip Buddies

RV and Camping Podcast Playlist
Download and listen to podcasts wherever you go, whenever you want.

Great podcasts about the outdoors are springing up from every corner of the RVing community. Want to learn how to make money on the road? Need some RV repair tips? Got camping kids to entertain? Podcasts for the RV lifestyle are as close as your favorite listening device.

Podcasts allow anyone to broadcast their own “radio” show over the internet. With over 630,000 podcasts available for download, “Today, we’re living in the Golden Age of Podcasts,” proclaimed a 2019 CBS news article.

How to Download Podcasts

Usually you can download a podcast directly from the creator’s website. But podcasting apps make it easier to find, organize, listen to and locate new podcasts. Apps give you the option to download them to your listening device. This is a useful feature when you’re RVing without internet access.

Whether you have a iPhone or an Android, smart phone or tablet, podcast apps make your listening experience better.

These tools include free apps included with your smart phone, like Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. Other feature-rich paid podcast apps include Castbox, Stitcher, SoundCloud, iHeartRadio and Overcast. Some podcasts are available on just one app, some on many apps.

The Ultimate RV and Camping Podcasts Playlist

According to CBS News, over 630,000 podcasts exist on the internet. New podcasts spring up almost daily, but only a small percentage of shows last beyond the first broadcasting year. The best RV camping and travel podcasts endure because of high quality production and relevant topics for the lifestyle. Here are just a few active podcasts with long track records. Check them out and listen on your next highway drive.

Podcasts About the RV / Nomad Lifestyle

“Love getting the RV out for weekends and getaways? Dream of being a professional nomad? In Stories from the Road, host Sam Nuerminger chats with everyone from weekend warriors to full-timers about what drew them to the road, the challenges they face, and what keeps them going year after year.”

The RVing Entrepreneur

Creator Heath Padgett writes “This podcast is for people who are interested in downsizing their life, creating remote income, and working from anywhere. The RV Entrepreneur Podcast is a weekly show where I interview nomadic entrepreneurs who have made the leap into the RV lifestyle and have taken their businesses with them on the road.”

RV Family Travel Atlas

The hosts are Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi, authors of the Idiots Guide: RV Vacations and parents to three boys. Their RV Family Travel Atlas explores RV and family travel. “Every episode has a feature segment highlighting the RV industry, the campground industry, tips and tricks, or destination guides. We also include gear reviews and interviews with interesting personalities from all arenas of the RV industry.”

Podcasts About Adventure Travel Inspiration

Living Outside the Box

Living Outside The Box is a podcast and community devoted to sharing ideas for living more simply and on our own terms. Hosts Kayla and J.R. Cox have decided to make choices in their lives in an effort to live on their own terms. This includes living a full time RV traveling life, homeschooling their children, and Kayla choosing to lose over 80 pounds by intermittent fasting and eating anything she wanted.”

The Offbeat Life

Technically it’s not about camping or RVing, but this show will no doubt inspire future full-time RVers. “The Offbeat Life Podcast interviews fearless individuals who ditched the norm in order to Live their best life and become Location Independent. We discuss finding purpose, defining moments that led them to change their lives, overcoming set backs, how they create income from their passions while working remote and so much more.”

Dirtbag Diaries

The Dirtbag Diaries is a grassroots podcast dedicated to the sometimes serious, often humorous stories from wild places.” Outside Magazine named it the best podcast and with over 200 episodes in 10 years of broadcasting, it’s worth checking out if you love the outdoors.

The First 40 Miles Hiking and Backpacking

RV and Camping Podcast Playlist

Founders Heather Legler and Josh Legler write “If you are new to backpacking, or if you’re hopelessly in love with someone who wants you to love backpacking, then this podcast is for you. We talk about the essentials, how to lighten your load, and how to make the most of your time on the trail.” Although in hiatus, The First 40 Miles is worth a listen.

Ask a Ranger

“State park rangers always get questions, and with their training in the outdoors and managing natural resources, they usually have the answers or can find them right away. In Ask a Ranger, Ranger Crystal and Ranger Jess answer some of the questions they’re frequently asked and take on topics that can expand your knowledge of the natural world.”

Podcasts About RVing Tips and Tricks

RV and Camping Podcast Playlist

The RV Show USA is hosted by Alan Warren, a 35+ year TV/Radio veteran as well as RV enthusiast and Campground Owner. His likable personality and enthusiasm for the RV Lifestyle is contagious and resonates with RVers everywhere. A staunch advocate for the RV Consumer, Alan blends entertainment and information in a Show that connects with RV enthusiasts in a powerful way.”

RV Navigator

RV and Camping Podcast Playlist

The RV Navigator is your digital home for RVing information. Since late 2005, we have been providing audio reports (podcasts) on a monthly basis and more recently bi-monthly, covering the RV lifestyle from an on the road perspective.” Hosts Ken and Martha share RV travel tips, technology for your RV, destination ideas and experiences and news for RVers.

Girl Camper Podcast

RV and Camping Podcast Playlist

“Janine Pettit is a lifelong lover of camping who hosts Girl Camper, broadcast every Tuesday with topics ranging from practical tips on overcoming fear to inspirational interviews with women who have made the leap.”

Happy Camper Radio

RV and Camping Podcast Playlist

“From selecting new gear, to deciding where to pitch your tent, camping is the ultimate recreational activity for you and your family. Join Happy Camper Radio as we sit around the campfire and discuss the latest in outdoor equipment and camping techniques. “

Beyond the Wheel

RV and Camping Podcast Playlist

Beyond the Wheel is a podcast about the people and ideas that make RVing great. Kenny & Sean have put this podcast together to reach out to people in the RV industry to get a better understanding of how products and services are created. Every day there are more and more people joining the RV community and with that the demand for certain features and luxuries has increased. Our goal is not only to share these new products and services, but also to understand how they came about and what did it take to get them to the market.”

RV Miles

RV and Camping Podcast Playlist

The RV Miles podcast is weekly show for RV and outdoor enthusiasts! Join us as we take you across the country to discover great destinations. On the way, we’ll cover tips and tricks, campground reviews, gear to make life on the road easier, and the latest industry news.”

Tell Us Your Favorite RV and Camping Podcasts

Did we miss other great outdoorsy RV and camping podcasts? If so, let us know which ones in the comments section and we’ll add them to this list.

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Ultimate Recipe Guide For RVing Holiday Dinners

Some holiday traditions should be abandoned, like slaving away in the kitchen. What fun is it if everyone else is having a good time but you’re stuck with the cooking? If you don’t enjoy the hassle of making a big holiday dinner in your sticks and bricks home, it’s time to start the holiday season on the road with RVing holiday dinners.

RVing holiday dinners
It`s easy to cook old favorites such as green beans, brussels sprouts or even asparagus – seen here – over an open grill at a campsite for a side of any holiday dinner. Photo courtesy of Bruce B member.

RVing Holiday Dinners are Easy

Do you live in an area with mild weather this time of year? Then pack up the RV and move your holiday season celebrations to a great RV campground. When you move the party to your favorite state or national park it`s like gaining an extra summer weekend at year’s end. As a result, the best part is that RVing holiday dinners are less labor intensive than a traditional sticks-and-bricks feast, but they are just as much fun to enjoy. Here’s how to prepare for your all new custom:

Meal Prep Tips for RVing Holidays

Many traditional holiday meal components like dips, salads and pies can be prepped and even made ahead of your departure. What`s more, once you arrive, a barbecue grill, pressure cooker and cast iron skillet can replicate your favorite holiday meals at the campsite, without any fuss. Use them in the following ways:

  • Toss the turkey and try Cornish game hens or turkey sausages. Most RV ovens are too small to cook turkeys, so consider grilling your main meat dish instead.
  • Pre-cook time intensive side dishes like squash and potatoes in the pressure cooker. Make them in shifts then pop them in the oven together.
  • Cast iron skillets for sides can be placed on a stovetop or campfire. Cook old favorites like green beans or seared Brussels sprouts with garlic in this multipurpose pan that’s a must-have for RVers.

Great Recipes for RVing Holiday Meals

RVing holiday dinners
Fruit compotes are easy to make in RV kitchens.

Keep your favorite holiday meal recipes and retire the rest. For some added excitement turn to these innovative RVing holiday dinner recipes spotlighted by food writer and culinary maven, Marian Platt.

Celebrating Diversity on Thanksgiving” shares an entire RVing holiday meal menu including:

  • Clam Dip
  • Apple, Pecan and Dried Cherry Salad
  • Chilled Cranberry Maple Sauce
  • Corn Pudding
  • Grilled Cornish Game Hens
  • Italian Turkey Sausages

Stuffing or Dressing?” starts your holiday meal right with four stuffing recipes:

  • Cranberry Stuffing Balls
  • Southern Cornbread and Sausage Stuffing
  • Traditional Bread Stuffing with Herbs
  • Fruit and Vegetable Dressing with Nuts

Holiday Sweet Potatoes” mixes up this old favorite. From candied and mashed to baked, here’s a collection of several ways to enjoy this must-have side dish, including:

  • Baked Sweet Potato Sticks for Two
  • Mashed Honey Roasted Sweet Potatoes
  • Sweet Potatoes with Apples
  • Sweet Potato Pie

Give Thanks for Succotash” pays tribute to the corn and lima bean classic, with variations such as:

  • Traditional Succotash
  • Down Home Succotash with Bacon
  • Succotash with Zucchini and Peppers
RVing holiday dinners
Make old favorites ahead of time.

Tis the Season for Pie” gives suggestions for pie fillings you can easily make in the RV. Just pour into a pre-made pie crust and enjoy any of these:

  • Pear Cranberry Lattice Pie
  • Pecan Pie
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Sour Cream Raisin Pie
  • Mince Pie
  • Apple Pie

Eggnog, a Holiday Tradition” puts everyone in the festive spirit with creatively cooked ways to enjoy this popular favorite, including:

  • Bread Pudding
  • Fruit Topping
  • Eggnog Cake

Great RVing holiday meals don’t have to be restricted to the Fourth of July and Labor Day. Make the most of your year-round camping climate by adding Thanksgiving and the winter holidays to your annual RV celebrations.


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